How to Make a Martini with Vodka and Cucumber

The Martini is a cocktail drink that is made with gin and vermouth.

  Its most distinguishable factor is that it is set on a martini glass with a garnish of either olive or lemon peel.  The martini is practically one of the most recognized cocktail drinks in the world and made even more famous by James Bond with his shaken not stirred preference in his martini drink.  Nevertheless, the martini is purely an American invention that is now famous throughout the world.

These days, the martini drink is no longer just limited to the gin and vermouth concoction.  There are now many variants of martini and all of them are becoming popular as the original simply because of their simplicity and elegance.  The use of vodka in making martini is making quite a splash, especially since vodka is both colorless, and tasteless.  The introduction of vodka as a martini ingredient instead of gin has helped elevate the subtle tastes of its garnish.  One such example is the martini with vodka and cucumber.

The cucumber martini is very light in taste and has the sweet and cool subtle taste of cucumber.  On how to make a martini cocktail drink you need the following ingredients:

  •             2 oz. Bonjour French Vodka
  •             3 cucumber slices
  •             3 mint leaves
  •             ¼ oz. lemon syrup
  •             ½ oz. simple syrup

To make the cucumber martini, you will first need to add all the ingredients that you will mush first.  Place the 3 cucumber slices and the mind inside the metal shaker and then you mush it until the cucumber starts to break down.  Add then the 2 ounces of Bonjour French vodka, the lemon juice, and the simple syrup.  Next, add some ice into the shaker.  Place the cover of the shaker and then shake the content vigorously – kind of like James Bond’s preference for his martini.

The purpose of shaking the content is to cool the content with the ice as well as adding air into the concoction as the air actually makes it taste better.  Strain the contents into a martini glass, add a garnish of cucumber and mint.  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your drink.


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